Truth lies in memory. Those who have no memory have no life.

Gianluca [dʒanˈluka] was born and raised in a sunny seaside town in Tuscany. After eternal years gone by in the sweet languor of seemingly endless summers he moved north to study Slavic Languages in Berlin and Photojournalism in London. He spent the best time of his university years travelling and photographing around four continents and more than seventy countries. During his journeys Gianluca fell hopelessly in love with the complex geopolitical and cultural heritage of a vanished land that used to be called Soviet Union. After many a trip to almost every corner of the former Evil Empire he is now loosely based between Berlin and the Caucasus, where he spends most of his time engaging in photographic, linguistic and gastronomic discoveries. 


Currently in Berlin, Germany.
Fluent in Russian, English, German and Italian.
Getting by in Dutch, French, Arabic and Spanish.
Available for assignments in Europe, Africa, Asia and the former USSR. 


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